Nic Hatch

Nic 'Hatchy' Hatch

Early 1990's - Present

Coach & 2nd XI Captain

Presidents Introduction:

Nic is the longest serving ladies member having joined the youth section around 25 years ago. Ever since I can remember she's volunteered for some sort of role within the club, whether its coaching juniors and seniors; captaining a squad; or helping to drive the section forward with recruitment and development. Nic played a huge part in supporting the section through the merger with the university, lending a calm and logical problem-solving perspective to what could've been a more testing time. She may fly under the radar when it comes to beer-swilling and singing shanties, but the work she puts in behind the scenes has been invaluable across many many years.

More about Nic: 

Probably the most humble hockey player to have ever existed in our illustrious club history – Nic will NEVER blow her own trumpet in this way. Hence, it has fallen to the story tellers of the ladies section to introduce, regale and show our love for this true club legend.

Nic is the longest serving member of the ladies section – first donning her Cambridge blue shirt for the youth section. Fellow team mates remember being in awe of her skill and composure even at such a young age – Rachael MacOram quotes “She was amazing! The speed of her stick skills made you dizzy and we just tried to keep up!

More than 25 seasons later and Nic is still representing the club for the Ladies 2nd XI – playing in the highest league in South Wales, Prem 1. Coach Alf Dinnie has these thoughtful words to share, “A stalwart in the team for the past number of seasons that I have been coaching, and within the club for many years before that. Nic has been an excellent leader, captaining the side to back-to-back promotions and a Welsh Cup! I have enjoyed working alongside her and her caring and thoughtful nature has, no doubt, made me a better coach as well as strengthening the closeness of the group. I’m really happy to have Nic on the pitch and always appreciate when she voices her views, especially as we are both similar and don’t always find it easy to do this!”

Nic is wholeheartedly devoted to her family, her biggest supporters – Mum Donna has been a huge presence on the sideline in the past and has even been promoted to emergency umpire at times! Thoughtful and caring, this devotion extends to Nic’s hockey family and there is no doubt that she is the most dependable and loyal friend to many of us. She hates a fuss but will fiercely defend her nearest and dearest when necessary, whether on or off the pitch. She’s also supremely calm and collected – some would say sensible to a fault. But the story tellers know better…

Imagine, if you will, a determined and competitive 2nd XI squad barreling their way through the Welsh Cup rounds – leaving teams battered and bruised in their wake. Co-captained by Nic and Abby Mac, the team travelled North – almost as north as God’s Country allows. Opting to get the journey out of the way on the Saturday so legs were fresh for the match on Sunday, we booked a friendly B&B and headed out for some team bonding over food and quenching of thirst. Meals were finished, banter was exchanged and the night drew in – ‘Sip It Isitt’ forced the rest of the squad to have just ‘one more drink’ while she was fighting with the sheer volume of liquid in her regular-sized pint glass. It was time to retire to our beds to dream of the victory to come the next day… renowned socialite Abby Mac turns to her co-captain, “What shall we do now Nic?”. Quiet, dependable, sensible Hatchy responds, to a rousing cheer from all, “SHOTS?”

Social stories aside, there are countless times Nic has earned her legend stripes on the pitch. She has been an enormous part of the coaching team throughout her time with the club. Many members have grown into wiser and more skillful players under the wing of Coach Hatchy; and many of our club coaches, past and present, have developed both their personal skills and knowledge base as a direct result of Nic’s influence. As a player, you couldn’t ask for a better post man at defensive penalty corners – her eye for the ball has denied many strikers their moment of glory; and despite what a certain umpire has insinuated in the past, we know your intent is always honorable and legal!

Long may you be fighting our corner in blue and black – Nic Hatch, a true Cardiff Hockey legend.